Touch the difference

The XBody Newave is built from the highest quality materials, using the most modern production technologies. You will feel the difference the first time you touch it.

Form, revolutionized

The XBody Newave fits in every environment, yet its ergonomic and unique design makes it stand out, and it won't take up more than 2 m2 of your space. Due to its light weight, you can transport it easily.

Look at this

The XBody Newave has a 10" touch screen to make the workout a comfortably easy experience. There's no need to use complicated buttons any more, which means users can operate the training machine on their own.

Meet the brain

To make sure that everybody gets a personal training specially tailored to their needs, the XBody Newave has a special software - the heart and soul of the system. It allows the user to choose from several languages, set different user profiles, record results, get statistics, program training calendars. And the most unique of them all: the video training, which allows users to train by themselves along with a video demonstration by a professional.

Always up to date

To make sure you always use the latest XBody Newave software, we regularly supply you with updates. And by simply plugging in a USB drive, your machine is refreshed with the newest, best software.


25W power consumption
10" touch screen
17 kg (~37lb.) weight
130 cm (~4,2 ft) tall, 40 cm (~1,3 ft) wide
Fitted with USB port
12V power adaptor