To meet the consumer demand we – and all the employees of XBody – are excited to announce that we will perform infrastructure upgrades.

This week we will move to a more flexible and stable, cloud-computing datacenter. This upgrade will improve the performance and reliability of the site and the communication between XBody devices connected to StudiOn.

This maintenance will commence on Friday, 17th June.

We do not anticipate that moving to a different server will require a 2nd day of scheduled maintenance, but will resume the process during the weekend if needed.

During the changeover the following issues might be experienced:

  1. The head unit can't connect to the server for 2-4 hours: Server Unreachable
    Solution: Disconnect from the WiFi network, the device will work in Offline mode. You can reconnect after 2-4 hours. Your data will be stored on the device in the meantime and will be syncronized after reconnecting.
  2. The head unit is trying to connect server: Waiting...
    Solution: Same process as above.
  3. The head unit can’t connect to the server after 4 hours: Server Unreachable
    Solution: In this case please call your service partner or contact the XBody HelpDesk.
    If you use a software version earlier than 1.8.4 you need to upgrade it to a newer version. You can also update with Software 2.0 – for more information visit In some cases you might change the MicroSD card in the head unit, for this reason it is very important to contact the official service partner or XBody HelpDesk.

Scheduled Maintenance Window:

Friday, 17th June 15:00-17:00 CET

Summary of Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Impact Level: High
  • Services Impacted: XBody devices with online connection,
  • The following failures might occur: booking informations missing from device or device can not connect to the server: these issues can be solved with upgrading the software of the device.


If you have any questions or concerns about this notification or you face any kind of issue with your XBody device and/or related service please contact the XBody HelpDesk

+36 96 200 180