The most powerful ems device we've built.

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EMS with medical standard.

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A special suit for EMS Training™ based on many years of experience.

ergonomically designed to fit every need
easy to use and maintain
easy to handle

  • Electrodes also in shoulder area

    for perfect shoulder training

  • Perfect fit

    for extra dynamic training

  • Flexibility

    by attaching each electrode individually

  • Extra large electrodes

    for better stimulation and a more complete coverage feeling

  • Doesn’t slip

    (even when doing jumps) – vest and pants stay put

  • Unisex fit

    reduces amount of training suits per

    device and saves costs

  • Custom combination

    different sized vests and pants

    can be combined

  • Electrodes on the legs

    both on the front and backside

  • Leg straps
    easier to put on


All stands are compatible with XBody ACTIWAVENEWAVE and NEWAVE MED.

The STANDARD stand fits in every environment, yet its ergonomic and unique design makes it stand out, and it won’t take up more than 2 m2 of your space. Due to its light weight, you can transport it easily.

The FLOWR stand makes group training easily possible, on the highest level. The devices are connected, so the data of the costumers’ training can be shared. This way all costumers can train on all devices during their training period.

The PORT stand is always at hand, whether it’s a personal training requested in a client’s home, or during travel or vacation. It’s easy to transport in an elegant suitcase, so the trainer can deliver quality training off-studio.

The WALL stand is a perfect combination of a space saving wall xture and a portable version. Use it fixed on the wall in your studio, and make it mobile with one simple move if needed. The power supply is discretely hidden for a polished look.