Franchises around the world

EMS is one of the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry, proven not just by the growing number of individual studios and shop-in-shop solutions, but also by the increasing number of smaller and bigger franchises.


Bigger chains require significant investments and predictable ROI is upmost important, and we are proud to be the choice of  fitness empires all over the world.



We are very proud that EMS franchises featured below has chosen XBody as their partner they trust and can rely on. Some of them started with us and are with XBody from the beginning, some of them started with other brands and switched to XBody along the way. 


Either way, it makes us happy and reinforces our belief and vision that XBody is a valuable partner and a brand your can rely your business on.


Our mission is to support your business

We strive for excellence in aftersales services, holding hands with our partners even after closing the deal, helping them with anything, everything, anytime. 

We keep developing innovative solutions to optimize studio worklfow, maximizing results and revenue for the studios, and at the same time provide outstanding training experience for the clients.

Join an existing EMS franchise OR BUILD YOUR OWN CHAIN

Joining an existing franchise involves purchasing a franchise from an established fitness brand that has an established business model and support system. This is a good option if you want to benefit from the brand recognition and operational support provided by a larger company.


Starting your own chain might be a bit slower and more challenging at the beginning, but you will  build your own empire, keep your independence and have a recurring revenue from your partners you are franchising to.



Whichever path you choose for starting your fitness business, XBody is here to help and stands by you as a reliable business partner.


If you have an existing studio or studio chain, we are looking forward to you joining the XBody family too!

More and more franchises are switching to XBody devices not just because of the features of our devices and professional training suits, but also because of the excellent aftersales services we provide.

Wireless group trainings, DryTech system, great customer service, worlwide service points, unique online platforms… we have it all
, and are here for you.

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Find out immediately which device and business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5 000 success stories with XBody.


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XBody, founded in 2010, has grown to become one of the biggest global players on the EMS fitness market, delivering value and the highest quality in all aspects. Our devices have been designed and developed to provide trainers and businesses a professional tool to offer high-quality services to clients. Discover why over 5000 studios choose us.

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We offer a wide variety of professional EMS training devices designed to satisfy different customer needs, studio concepts and business models. Check out our device portfolio that covers all your EMS needs and offers solutions for all types and sizes of fitness and wellness businesses.

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We provide each of our partners with know-how, ready-to-use marketing materials and market-proven business models to make their EMS business successful. Discover which business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5 000 success stories with XBody.

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Run your own EMS fitness business and offer safe and effective training sessions anywhere.  Find out immediately which device and business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5000 success stories with XBody.

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