EMS studios

Studios opened and partnered up with XBody have been highly successful around the world, thanks to our high-quality, advanced EMS training devices and unmatched business support – proven business models, tested best practices, extensive know-how, and ready-to-use marketing materials – for our studio partners.

Whether you already own a fitness studio or you are planning to open one, with XBody you will have all the necessary tools at your hand to succeed.



Our business concepts have been tested and balanced over the years in real life and they have helped more than 5000 XBody EMS studios succeed around the world. Each business is unique however there are certain characteristics and basic principles that can be applied for any studio to make them more successful. 

We’ve collected all these experience and knowledge, and built them into our business concepts so we can provide templates for success for the most popular business goals with EMS.


XBody offers a wide variety of professional EMS training devices designed to satisfy different customer needs, studio concepts and business models. XBody has completely changed the world of EMS with its training devices, training suits and accessories, and is leading the way ever since. Our solutions are very easy to adapt, they provide excellent training experience and deliver great results for clients, and help the studio owners to manage and grow their business.


We are not just selling devices and accessories; we also offer online systems as part of the complete package for your business management. These systems have been designed and developed based on the experience and knowledge we have collected from all over the world in the past decade, and they are here to make your EMS business as efficient as possible.


XBody has developed a comprehensive studio management system that simplifies and streamlines studio workflows, making them easy and effective. With the ability to import data from your devices, you can monitor studio performance, manage bookings, billing, and client database, and even lease your devices, among many other features. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our studio management system for your EMS business.


XBody Academy is a learning platform where EMS trainer candidates can join courses and get certified online, from the comfort of their homes or offices. The knowledge base is available in several languages. The courses and exams are flexible in schedule, you can join anytime and get your certification accourding to your own learning pace.


Find out immediately which device and business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5000 success stories with XBody. Get a free business consultation and a personalized offer right from our experts.