It’s time to start or expand your fitness business, leveraging the numerous benefits of regular physical activity on general health and immune system. XBody’s portable EMS fitness solutions enable you to make fitness accessible for everyone, anytime, anywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, our innovative devices break down barriers and eliminate excuses for not living a fit life.


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Our proven business concepts have been tested and refined over the years, resulting in over 5000 successful XBody EMS studios worldwide. While each business is unique, our templates for success are based on key principles and characteristics that can be applied universally. Drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge, we have built these concepts into our business models to provide a roadmap for achieving popular EMS business goals.


Join our network of successful studios and unlock the full potential of your EMS business with XBody.


Expand your gym, offer safe and effective training in offices, or homes with XBody Go. With our portable and affordable solution, you can bridge the gap and make physical activity accessible in any convenient environment.


Choose this flexible solution with low investment needs and offer safe and effective trainings anywhere. It’s the easiest and most profitable way to expand your business.


If you want to stay flexible and build your own personal brand without investing in a studio, XBody can help you succeed.

Pack everything you need for a training and take the EMS studio with you to your client’s house for an exclusive in-house personal training session, or to an office for a corporate training.

Your clients can save time and hassle, and you can save on the costs of building and running a studio.


It’s the easiest way to build your clientele and offer convenient, personalized training sessions.


Find out immediately which portable device and business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5 000 success stories with XBody.


XBody offers a wide variety of professional portable EMS training devices designed to satisfy different customer needs, studio concepts and business models. XBody’s EMS devices have been designed to carry them easily, wherever you go.


We are not just selling devices and accessories; we also offer online systems as part of the complete package for your business management. These systems have been designed and developed based on the experience and knowledge we have collected from all over the world in the past decade, and they are here to make your EMS business as efficient as possible.


XBody has developed a comprehensive studio management system that simplifies and streamlines studio workflows, making them easy and effective. With the ability to import data from your devices, you can monitor studio performance, manage bookings, billing, and client database, and even lease your devices, among many other features. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our studio management system for your EMS business.


XBody Academy is a learning platform where EMS trainer candidates can join courses and get certified online, from the comfort of their homes or offices. The knowledge base is available in several languages. The courses and exams are flexible in schedule, you can join anytime and get your certification accourding to your own learning pace.


Find out immediately which portable device and business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 5000 success stories with XBody. Get a free business consultation and a personalized offer right from our experts.