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We offer a wide variety of professional EMS training devices designed to provide trainers and businesses with a professional tool to be able to offer high-quality services to clients. 

Learn more about XBody devices and their features to find out why they are so popular and unique on the EMS market. Find the best EMS training device for your business needs!

Meet the XBody PRO, the wireless-whole-body EMS training system.

XBody PRO covers most of the benefits of both our Actiwave and our XBody GO devices, resulting in a portable and at the same time stationary device.

You can multiply your revenue with group trainings for up to 6 clients, inside or outside your studio, creating new ways to earn more money and utilize your assets, including trainers.

XBody PRO Features

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Meet the XBody GO, an even more easily portable device.



Train your clients anytime indoors or outdoors without boundaries, and break down even more excuses for not living a fit life and experiencing the benefits EMS has to offer.

XBody GO Features

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Meet the Actiwave, the first hybrid EMS training device.

Train multiple clients at the same time with its wired and wireless capability. Ideal for businesses that want to grow with flexibility and versatility.

Wired and wireless. For up to 6 clients simultaneously.

Actiwave Features

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Meet the Newave, our best seller for many years.

Train your clients with the established and award-winning EMS device that is used daily by more than thousand studios around the world. Newave represents wired training at its best.

Ideal for 1-on-1 trainings for maximum success with clients.

Newave Features

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